Part of a new venture to curate quality family arts for LA families. Let me know if you’re interested in contributing or want to submit your work.

art 4 families

These reactions will discuss the entire experience of each event, honestly and with a family audience in mind. Want to contribute or submit? Comment below.

KAWL presents “It’s A Wonderful Life” a Radio Play for the Stage

by Cindy Marie Jenkins

SUMMARY: Worth a night out. Bring a Toy for Tot and make the evening doubly special!

PERSPECTIVE: I’ve never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which shocks everyone until I follow up with the fact that my first Indiana Jones experience was IAWL pre showThe Last Crusade. When I heard of Theatre Unleashed’s radio play production, it sounded like a good first way to see this holiday treasure: live and with a twist.

EXPERIENCE: Don’t let the back alley entrance to The Missing Piece Theatre in Burbank fool you. From smiling faces and sparking lights at the door to holiday spirits (adult and kid friendly) at concessions, it’s hard not…

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