The Cyrus Cylinder at Getty Villa

My 2013 Resolution I did not do: see a new exhibit every two weeks, including indie art museums.

So whenever my husband sees an art exhibit he wants to see, I do whatever I can to make it happen. He’d mentioned The Cyrus Cylinder before last week, but after ending some projects, I found myself raring to go.  Mostly I wanted a nice walk around the beautiful creation that opened in 2006, The Getty Villa.

The Cyrus Cylinder & Ancient Persia is only through December 2nd. It is said to be one of the earliest, if not earliest human rights in to be put into writing. Truly stunning – and small! It’s the 6th photo from the bottom.

IMG_20131023_123955 IMG_20131023_124006 IMG_20131023_124028 IMG_20131023_124511 IMG_20131023_124516 IMG_20131023_125228 IMG_20131023_130403 IMG_20131023_130410 IMG_20131023_130924 IMG_20131023_133302 IMG_20131023_135408 IMG_20131023_143438 IMG_20131023_145201 IMG_20131023_145210 IMG_20131023_145303


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